Watching Tabu’s ‘Hawa’ act helped Daljeet Kaur

Mumbai, Oct 28 (IANS) Actress Daljeet Kaur, who plays Manjiri in the TV show “Kaala Teeka”, will be seen recreating the rape scene from the 2003 film “Hawa”, starring Tabu.

In the upcoming episodes of the Zee TV show, Devri played by Vineet Rana, who has cast his eyes on Manjiri, will be seen raping her using his power of becoming invisible.

“To perform the scene with conviction and a sense of realism, I took references from the film ‘Hawa’ where Tabu has effortlessly enacted a similar scene. She is an excellent actor and performs all her scenes with a certain finesse that I wanted to imbibe. And, honestly watching her scene did help me perform better,” Daljeet said in a statement.

The actress says it was a difficult scene to perform.

“I was performing it for the very first time on television. I was really nervous, but the creative team was helpful in making me feel comfortable by keeping only three to four people on the sets, while filming this sequence,” she added.