Water Quality Report Show Hyderabad’s Water Containing Bacteria

Hyderabad, May 24: According to the report was given by Institute of Health Systems in the month of March 2016 in order to check the water quality in Hyderabad shown that the water present in Alwal and Sorrornagar have Euscheria Coli bacteria presence in water. The report said that 100 Ml of water contains 1600 E.Coli bacteria in it.

According to the water quality report was given by the Institute of Health Systems for March 2016 for the areas of Alwal and Ssaroornagar, the water from both the areas have a high amount of Euscheria Coli bacteria in it. The report revealed that an amount of 1600 count of E.Coli was found in 100 ml of water. The institute explained that E. coli are expelled into the environment within faecal matter, both from humans and animals. Drinking water is contaminated when sewage comes in contact with it.

This bacteria presence could cause gastroenteritis, urinary tract infections, and neonatal meningitis, abdominal cramps and diarrhoea.

Water gets contaminated by damaged pipelines and the bacteria enter into the pipelines into the drinking water and hence in many areas the water will be received by the people with turbidity, smell and water with uneven colors.

Another main reason for the contamination of water is the cross-linking of drains with drinking water pipelines and the main source for bacteria is from the Human Faecal matter. If any pipeline in such links gets broken then the drains will mix up with the drinking water and contaminates it and this contamination will be more during the rainy seasons and to the surprise to see that the contamination is also found in mid summer. and in the case of Alwal and Saroornagar matter the contamination is very high which is more dangerous.