‘We must strike back if Pakistan is guilty of derailing Indian trains’

Gurugram, Jan 24 (IANS) Pakistan must be taught a lesson in its own language if found guilty of recent incidents of derailing trains in India where a number of people have lost their lives, Major General G.D. Bakshi (retd) said here on Tuesday.

Maj Gen Bakshi said Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) can be behind the derailing of four trains as per primary indications that the accident of last year’s Patna-Indore express train was caused due to rail fracture.

“Terrorists keep on changing their methods for terror attacks and ISI can now be Maoist insurgents. If it is true, it’s a new big challenge,” Bakshi told IANS.

He said the country has nearly 1.20 lakh-km rail tracks and cannot deploy security persons at a distance of every kilometre.

Praising union government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Gen Bakshi said last year’s surgical strike in Pakistan-administered Kashmir by Indian soldiers was bold and courageous action, and Pakistan deserves more of it.

“If Pakistan is playing with the lives of Indian, the terror-supplying neighbour (Pakistan) must be taught a lesson and there should be a message for the world that Indian lives are not so cheap,” he added.