Wedding bells for Hunar Hali and Mayank Gandhi !

Mumbai, June 20: It’s truly the year of marriages in Telly Ville. This time, it is the pretty Hunar Hale aka Jaya of Dahleez all set to tie the knot in with Actor Mayank Gandhi.The two met through families and fell in love.

While beaming with joy, Hunar said, “My aim in life has always been modest ; I wanted to transform an arrange marriage into a love match.

Mayank and I were ‘arranged’ indeed. Love followed us later. Someone said; “A good relationship starts with a good communication”. The first time we spoke ; I was three hours behind the time I confirmed that I shall call . He answered the phone and said; “Hunar! Your call time was 2:00pm”(laughs).

His witty remark impressed me much to start with and later got me engaged into a conversation.”She further stated, “Eventually, we vibed so well with each-other that somewhere we knew; this is ‘It’ :-this is exactly what we were looking for all our lives (Thank god! the wait wasn’t that long) .

A relationship where we accepted each other’s past, supportingeach-other present and encouraging a great future for the both of us. We argue, we fight but by the end of the night we are alright. We know each-other’s flaws, mistakes and weaknesses despite that we find each-other absolutely amazing. Cherry on cake is that our families too think the same therefore can’t wait for the 28th.”