Well wishes for Indialivetoday

Esteemed readers,
We are delighted to present you the inaugural issue of “India Live Today” an e-paper, which will bring current affairs, news, informed views, opinions etc. on a variety of issues on a daily basis on your virtual screen. That will enable you to update yourself, wherever you are whether rushing to your office, between bites at your breakfast table, traveling or at the cool confines of your office or residence .
The launch of this peoples’ paper is timed to coincide with the International Labor Day, an occasion for all of us to proclaim our solidarity with the toiling masses, who are the backbone of any society. Undeniably, with the advent of neo liberalism, focus on the working population has eroded over the years. That had some deleterious consequences. Man got subordinated to markets. The subterfuge of laissez faire (free market) had dented the human values, created distortions in the societal structures and importantly, creating small islands of extremely rich and influential people in the midst ever expanding numbers of underprivileged and destitute, particularly in the developing world.
Happily, there is a realization, across the world, that a new economic architecture should evolve where disparities of income should be minimized, policy interventions are needed to ensure equity and fair play among the nations on the one hand and the rich and poor people within a nation, on the other. Central to evolution of the schism is the global financial meltdowns , the consequences of which are still at play, creating distortions in the economies. Creation of tax havens, stashing away funds illegally to these so called banana republics in trillions, dip in world trade, wide spread unemployment, protectionist policies of the developed countries etc. are some of the triggers that made people to rethink and recalibrate the development models.
India Live Today is designed as a thesis on inclusive development and we believe that democracy is the most effective forum that can ensure a sustainable growth model of empowerment, opportunities, environment awareness, hopes and aspirations to billions, who have been sidelined by mindless manmade disparities. Our primary focus will be on India, her development challenges, imperatives, wish lists of the common man and of course the imponderable dimensions of an equitable growth model. At the same time, our canvass is widely cast to bring international developments, current affairs, views of the prominent people and a whole lot of news that our esteemed readers, we are confident, will appreciate and internalize to move up in the news value chain.
Let us make clear that in our pursuit to present an objective and informed matrix of news and views to the discerning readers, we will not be subjected to any pressure or pull, schism or prejudices. Our punch line is “objectivity and exclusivity”. Reader friendliness and depth will be our hallmarks that sweep across every bit of information that we present you.
A strong network of news gatherers, aggregators, analysts and editorial staff, who have many years of excellent track record and recognitions to make our readers excited all the time is undoubtedly our strength. We need your support in immeasurable terms in giving us the right feedback, sensitizing us on issues and events and more importantly treating this virtual platform as your own to create path breaking vibrations in the social media, which we sincerely believe is the media of the generation next.