West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee likens PM Modi to Gabbar Singh, says Centre runs on fear

Demonetisation is a mega scam, biggest one after independence.
New Delhi, Dec 27: Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi and West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee address a joint press conference as they attack the government over the notes ban. Highlights…

Rahul Gandhi: PM should answer the nation, that what was the real motive of demonetisation and what will he do for those affected by it.

Dec 30 is about to come and the situation is the same. The motive of demonetisation has failed completely. Woes continue on the ground.

West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee: Demonetisation is a mega scam, biggest one after independence.

— Three days are left. You (PM Modi) are not a magician that you can change things in three days.

— India has gone back by 20 years.

— Will PM lift restrictions after December 30. India robbed in the name of acche din.

— Will PM resign after the 50 day period is over. Manipur is burning, nobody cares for them.

— PM has destroyed India. Govt has become weak.

— In Rajiv Gandhi’s time telecommunications, computers entered India. What is the new thing about digital India that the PM is talking about?

— Nobody has food to eat. Tribals are starving.

— We can’t say anything, if you do, ‘Gabbar’ will come. What is this? Government must lead the people. If the people are so scared of the government, who will vote for a government which behaves like Gabbar Singh.

— How has black become white? What is this soap you have used?

— PM has destroyed India’s banking system. Cashless ke naam pe Modi government baseless hogaya, total faceless hogaya.