#Wetoo campaign becoming the next hashtag for implementing women reservation bill

The reverberations of #Metoo campaign still knocks the corridors of gender discrimination and sexual harassment. By gathering inspiration from #Metoo, hundreds of committed organisations that are working towards women empowerment started #Wetoo campaign in social media.

The main demand of the campaign is for equal representation of women in politics and all other fields. This collective effort to implement reservation bill for reserving one-third seats in the Lok Sabha and state assemblies, on the lines of local self-government institutions in India, which in most states reserve as much as 50 percent seats for women.

Main associations behind this move are All India Democratic Women’s Association, Jagori, All India Dalit Mahila Adhikar Manch, Centre for Social Research and Oxfam Indian among others.

They also urged Narendra Modi to take up #WeToo with equal enthusiasm and focus to support WRB after Triple Talaq in the larger interest of the society. Women reservation bill have been pending for the last 22 years and because of this the #Wetoo campaign is so strong and people are really looking forward. History of passing women bill clearly shows the discrimination towards it from the power corridors because Promises made in election manifesto 2014 to pass Women’s Reservation bill but denied despite having a full majority in parliament. It is a fact and right that equal representation for women is a basic human right and let their voices be heard and let them be involved in the decisions that we make as a nation.