What really happened to the undertrial SIMI activists who were killed in Bhopal?

Policemen at the site where eight terrorists of the banned Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) who escaped from Bhopal Central Jail were killed in a gunfight on the outskirts of the city on Oct 31, 2016. (Photo: IANS)

Bhopal, November 1: The current topic for the discussions on media is the alleged jail break by the SIMI activists and the events followed.

According to reports, yesterday, early in the morning, eight SIMI activists has escaped from the Jail after killing the security guard using plate and glass as weapons.

The eight SIMI activists escaped from the jail has been located after getting information from the locals.

The Madhya Pradesh Police said that the SIMI activists had weapons with them, who fired on to the police force when asked to surrender.

These are the major facts that fill most of the reports on the Bhopal jailbreak and the gunning down of the jail breakers.

Why the force had killed them, instead they could have caught them alive.

Members of Madhya Pradesh police force are not trained to shoot below knee. They got training only to shoot on chest or head.

Telling the truth or Politicising?

Former Supreme Court Judge Justice Markandey Katju has said that the, Bhopal “encounter” which killed eight suspected SIMI members, is fake. He also added that those people who did it as well as managed and ordered it should be sentenced to death.

“From what I could gather, the so-called ‘encounter’ in Bhopal was fake, and all those responsible for it, not only those who did the actual executions, but also those who ordered it, including politicians and senior police officers, must be given death sentence.”

The Madhya Pradesh Minister of Prisons Kusum Mehdale has accepted that some of the CCTVs in the jail was not working. She has also said that she does not know how they had managed to scale the wall.

She had also said that the people in the country should praise the police force for killing the accused after they fled from the prison. “Actually they were stopped from carrying out more dangerous acts,” she added.

Senior Congress leader and former Madhya Pradesh CM Digvijay Singh raised questions on the encounter theory propounded by the police “Did terrorist flee or were they released under a government scheme? This should be investigated,” he tweeted. He has also accused the government of hiding truths.

It is a serious issue. First SIMI activists fled the Khandwa Jail. Now they have fled from Bhopal jail. I have been reiterating that RSS activists and other similar organisations are behind the anti-Muslim riots in the country. It should be probed whether there is someone behind this or not, said Digvijay Singh.

Communist Party of India (Marxist) polit bureau member Brinda Karat asked for an independent High Court probe into the matter. She called the encounter as entirely “dubious” and “manufactured”. CPI leader D. Raja also asked for judicial probe into the matter and urged the Centre to ask for a detailed report from the Madhya Pradesh Government.

What the advocate of the SIMI activists say?

While speaking to media, Advocate Thahavur Khan said that there some conspiracy behind the killing of the eight SIMI activists. He said that, “the trial was about to finish. I have visited the jail several times. It is highly guarded. One cannot escape easily from there”, he said.

It was said that the trials were going on and was expected to be completed soon. Being their lawyer, I can say that there was no ample evidence against them, factually or legally. There is no reason for them to break the jail. The court judgement was expected to come out in weeks, most probably in their favour. They were also well informed on this.

 The eight SIMI activists might have feared that they could not commit a jail break once their trial is over and were set free.

Truth hides somewhere around this?

The defense advocate has questioned the police and government narrative on Bhopal killing of the SIMI members. He has only one question,  “why would they do such a thing when they knew that they are going to be acquitted?” , He siad and he believes that there is a huge conspiracy behind their killing.

Opposition parties too hinting that what has really happened is the result of a high level conspiracy.

The Bhopal jail is considered to be the best among the safest jails in the country. The jail is under tight security. The SIMI activists have been escaped from the trial wards where they had a seven layer security.

It is so simple to break this seven layered security system with toothbrush.

Madhya Pradesh home minister has said that the eight men has used plates and glass as their weapons, and added that no other arms were there with them.

In the beginning the police said that the police had fired them after they started firing at the police.

But after a short while, police sources came up with a different claim that they had knives with them. Later, the MP Police IG Yogesh Chaudhary claimed that they had runs with them and a firing was occurred.

It is impossible to catch people live, if they have plate, glass, spoon or knife with them.

In certain videos of the event, we could see them lying dead on a small rocky hill. Without searching the body, one person wearing a blue t-shirt, had simply taken a taken a knife like thing from the waistband of the dead man’s trousers, as if he knows it beforehand that a knife is there on his waistband. And no more search is made on the body. He is not even bothered of the fingerprints, he took it with his bare hands.

Just after this we could see that another policeman is aiming at a dead body lying on the ground and shooting it again.

If there is at least a heart beat left in a human body, a policeman is responsible to save that life.

Why the policeman did not try to save him even after he is defeated, but shot him again?

Why he wanted to make sure that the defeated man lying on the ground is dead, and that he shall never come back to tell the truth?