WhatsApp launches colored-text in status, now rolls out to Android and iPhone

WhatsApp launches colored-text in status, now rolls out to Android and iPhone. Photograph: Twitter

New Delhi, August 22:  After the beta testing for a while, WhatsApp introduced colored text statuses to its Android and iPhone applications. Facebook brought this feature  late in 2016 on its Android application first, which granted its users to write their status update with a colorful background, font and emoji combination.

According to the reports from AdWeek, WhatsApp accepted that the feature of colored text status is rolling out to all the users on Android and iOS.  Yet, all the users are not able to see this feature even after the latest update. according to the reports from WAbetaInfo, on iOs and Android, the activation has been done remotely and fully developed roll out still awaits. maybe some users could see the feature, other users would see it soon. For iPhone users, the pen icon is now showed next to the camera icon in the new Status bar. When the pen icon is clicked, it brings up the option so so that status could be typed, emoji could be selected and the background color as well.

After the status is written and the necessary changes are made, you could hit the green arrow key in order to send the text status, in the same way you send media content now. The status would be then published on WhatsApp for all your contacts to see.

For Android users, the floating pen icon would show up at the bottom of the Status tab that is above the camera icon. It also confirmed that WhatsApp for the Window Phone would not support this feature and on the Web, you could watch these text statuses for now but could not create them. Further, it declared that the iPhone application would now support more stickers and an improved chat feature would be brought as well. At present, the stickers are disabled but it would be switched on in future releases. The WhatsApp version v2.17.50 for iPhone also brought the ability to bold, italicize and strike through text from the typing bar. In order to format, just tap and hold the word and then select the option from the floating options that appear.