Whatsapp to roll out new features like new emoji seek choice

New Delhi, July 3: WhatsApp is the most popular chatting apps across the world. The firm understands the increasing needs of its users and thus, consistently works on introducing better features to improve the overall experience. A report by Express UK suggests that the Facebook-owned WhatsApp is planning to add new features.

The primary element will essentially enable clients to change the textual style utilising the application’s content choice toolbar. Last year, WhatsApp introduced new strong, italic and strikethrough textual styles alongside fixedsys monospace text style too. Be that as it may, it required a considerable measure of exertion for clients to physically change the text style themselves.

That is going to change. The application is currently evidently utilising Android M’s customisable drifting content toolbar that enables clients to change the textual style by just choosing the content and picking one from the toolbar. Another vital component that is set to land in the application is the new emoji seek choice. Clients will now find emojis consequently on the premise of a word or a couple of characters.