When it rained gold from sky!

NEW DELHI March 19, 2018: It virtually rained gold from heaven or you can say it was manna from heaven.

Yakutsk, a city 5,000 miles from Moscow where temperatures can sink to minus 29 degrees Celsius, is not a place where people normally spend winter nights searching the bushes using torchlight. But it is not every day that sky opens up and 3.4 tonnes of gold fall from it.

The unusual scene unfolded this week after the door of a Soviet-era cargo plane opened up while taking off, throwing dozens of what seemed to be gold bars into the frosty air, media reports said. They turned out to be doré, a semi-pure alloy composed of gold and silver.

The Antonov AN-12’s lower hatch was forced open when more than nine tonnes of precious metal, worth $156 million, broke loose on take-off, Russia’s Investigative Committee said in a statement to the media.

News reports of gold from the sky spread like wildfire, prompting an outpouring on social media. One widely shared image showed a screenshot from a ride-sharing app: “Yakutsk airport,” read the request. “Need a Toyota Probox-style estate car. Three 200 kg sacks. URGENT!!! Payment: a half-kilo of gold.”

The cargo appeared to have landed on the runway; a total of 172 bars weighing 3.4 tonnes were retrieved there, an official said. But the officials cordoned off the area to launch a frenzied search operation for ‘gold bars’.

Media reports said that the officials issued warning that if anyone found the gold and failed to report it would be prosecuted.

However, that did not deter the residents to stop searching the ‘manna from heaven’.