When Pentagon can be hacked, so can Aadhar, Kapil Sibal tells Parliament

Kapil Sibal
Kapil Sibal clarifies he never represented Sunni Waqf Board in court

New Delhi, March 27: Expressing displeasure over making Aadhar Card mandatory for filing tax returns and linking it to the Permanent Account Number, senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal, speaking in the Rajya Sabha on Monday, said the Central government has violated the Supreme Court orders and sought an explanation from Finance Minister Arun Jaitley over the issue.

Saying that this would have “huge consequences’, Kapil Sibal claimed that Aadhar Card data can be hacked and be used to make bank transactions. “Banking transactions can be hacked, can track people using travel records, when the Pentagon can be hacked why can’t this be?’ Kapil Sibal said.
Kapil Sibal explained that under the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government, the purpose of rolling out the Aadhar Card was to ensure that the government schemes would reach the targeted people.

“Aadhar was only meant for Public distribution system (PDS), targeted subsidies should reach the people. That is the purpose of Aadhar Card, not for you to pry into the activities of others,” Sibal said.

Kapil Sibal also claimed that “we are living in a police state’. He reminded the House that when the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was in opposition it staunchly opposed the Unique Identification (UID) scheme, but are now trying to forcing it on the public.

“One of your loyal supporters claimed that Aadhar Card is the biggest fraud in history. Then why are you continuing that fraud on us, sir?” Kapil Sibal asked.

Challenges the Finance Ministry’s move to link Aadhar account with Income Tax filing and PAN cards, Kapil Sibal said they were being “disrespectful to the apex court of India ‘. “You have to answer this as to why you have done this, and why you have been so disrespectful of the Supreme Court orders,” Sibal said. “Your explanation can only be the arrogance of power.”

Kapil Sibal also questioned the way 40 amendments were added to The Finance Bill, which is a money and does not require the approval of the Upper House. “You will go down in history as those who muffle the voice of this House,” he said.

“Just because you’ve won an election doesn’t mean you have won the country. It doesn’t appear that you have any intentions of changing the country. Before elections, you talk of loan waiver, after the elections you don’t give the waiver.  What have you done to address unemployment? It’s still on the rise,” Kapil Sibal also said in the Parliament.