Who is Sasikala to keep Deepa Jayakumar away from Jayalalithaa? Was Jayalalithaa slow poisoned?

Chennai, Feb 6: Jayalalithaa’s life and death has become a mystery now. Many stories are being surfaced in relation with the death of Jayalalithaa. Jayalalithaa’s aide Sasikala Natarajan, who may be the real cause behind this mystery is now going to become the AIADMK general secretary.

Generally, to select a person as a party supremo in the Indian scenario, the person must have certain political background. Or else the person have the support of the party members along with the legal heirship of the former general secretary.

Sasikala could not claim any of these. According to certain views from the public in the neighbourhood of Jayalalithaa, only a few had given her a position different from Jayalalithaa’s house maid. How can anyone compare the Iron lady Jayalalitha with Sasikala?

According to Tehelka Senior Journalist Jeemon Jacob, the relation between Jayalalithaa and Sasikala was a ‘celebrated friendship’. There are so many mysteries in the death of Jayalalithaa, he added.

From the day one of Jayalalithaa’s admission at Apollo Hospital Chennai, highest degree of secrecy was maintained. Anyone and everyone was prevented from seeing her. Meanwhile, reports came out once in a while from the hospital and from AIADMK, with contradicting statements about Jayalalithaa’s health status. It was even reported that, Jayalalithaa has convened meeting with party members and had dictated speech on Cauvery to be read out by Chief Secretary P. Rama Mohana Rao at the meeting of the Executive Heads of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

But as far as the least available information are concerned, these reports may be fabricated as part of the conspiracy against the unbeatable strong administrator, Jayalalithaa.

This is an excerpt from The Taming of the Shrewd, an article published in Tehelka on February 4, 2012, Issue 5 Volume 9, written by Mr. Jeemon Jacob. According to an AIADMK insider, it was Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi who alerted the lady in Poes Garden and warned her about the Mannargudi mafia. Modi apparently told Jayalalithaa to keep a watch on her inner ring. He is believed to have indicated to her that big investors were avoiding Tamil Nadu because of the extortionate demands of Sasikala and her family. Jayalalithaa was allegedly given sedatives and chemical substances that had small quantities of poison by a nurse appointed by Sasikala”.

According to certain media reports, Jayalalitha who became suspicious about the movements of Sasikala had consulted a doctor for conducting a medical test, without informing Sasikala. When the test report came, Jayalalitha was diagnosed with the presence of Arsenic in her blood sample. A slow poison. Even the nurse who attended Jayalalitha was appointed by Sasikala.

Jayalalitha had made more attempts to know more about the conspiracies of Sasikala and as a result, on 17 December 2011, Jayalalithaa expelled Sasikala and her relatives from her Poes Garden bungalow in Chennai. But for every ones surprise Sasikala was reinstated at Poes Garden in March 2012. A possible reason for this may be the chance of Sasikala becoming an approver in the court against Jayalalitha in the disproportionate assets case. If it happen, Jayalalithaa shall end up in great trouble, which she could not probably disentangle easily.

But now, it is almost proved that, it was better for Jayalalithaa to be in jail rather than being in anonymity for 75 days and being died like this, while on treatment for fever and dehydration.

18 close relatives of Sasikala Natarajan were found standing near Jayalalithaa, who were expelled from Poes Garden in 2011. Sasikala’s husband Natarajan was also there, who stepped into the house and came infront of Jayalaitha(deceased) for the first time after Jayalalitha have expelled the whole family from her house. According to reliable sources, Natarajan has never come face to face with Jayalalitha after this 2011 incident. He had never made a public appearance till Jayalalithaa was dead. But yesterday Natarajan told media that ‘anyone can rule AIADMK’. Where were he till December 5, 2016 ?

Sasikala was standing beside the coffin of Jayalalitha since her body was out from hospital. When Prime Minister Narendra Modi came he consoled Sasikala Natarajan after laying a wreath on Jayalalithaa’s mortal remains. Narendra Modi had also expressed his empathy to weeping Sasikala by a pat of assurance. Narendra Modi was also seen having a brief discussion with Sasikala before his departure. Rather than sharing grief, this is an indication of a possible future and certain twists in Tamil Nadu Politics after the death of the political Queen, Jayalalithaa.

Sasikala Pushpa MP has demanded a CBI probe for finding the real facts behind the death of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa. She even expressed her doubts about forging Jayalalithaa’s signature as well as other crucial documents. But everyone turned a deaf ear to her.

According to the law of the land, information regarding medical treatment shall be kept secret if the patient or close relatives demand. But it is unbelievable that, here in this instance, Jayalalitha had demanded high secrecy regarding her treatments. Who else might have taken the decision that everything must be kept secret? It is a fact that more information will lead to more doubts and those with certain vested interests would be well informed in this regard.

Even a Public Interest Litigation was filed by a social activist named ‘Traffic Ramaswamy’. The PIL filed in the Madras High Court was seeking the a detailed report from the government on the health condition of Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa and releasing of photographs of the meeting she was said to have had with her cabinet colleagues and officials in the hospital.

The approach of Apollo hospital is also suspicious due to their vague and untimely health bulletins. The doctors also have the responsibility of the patient they are treating. The doctors must have shown the responsibility to convey the seriousness of her illness to her relatives or to the court, if something was wrong. It can undoubtedly say that there was no transparency in this matter. There must be an attempt from the hospital to find out if there is any foul play like slow poisoning. And it would always be a stinking fact that not even one reliable person has seen he after she is been admitted to Apollo hospital. Besides, no one asked for the need of a postmortem.

In any country, under any constitutional law, it gives the right to see their dear ones when someone is ill. But in Jayalalithaa’s instance, not even her niece was allowed to see her.

It is a very old custom that when somebody fall ill, if there is a known relative, he/she would be informed by somebody. In case, if the person dies, the relative would be informed on time and the dead body would be kept until they come. And if such a person comes, he/she would be performing the final rites of the deceased.

Unfortunately, Jayalalithaa’s niece Deepa Jayakumar was prevented from visiting Jayalalithaa at hospital. She was not seen anywhere there while Sasikala performs Jayalalithaa’s last rites. Did Jayalalithaa ask anyone to keep her niece away from seeing her and performing her last rites? 

If not, this would remain as an injustice to deceased Jayalalithaa.

Now everything is done. Panner Selvam was sworn-in as the Chief MInister of Tamil Nadu even before the declaration of Jayalalithaa’s Death. It was really a hasty move to avoid certain political parties taking advantage of the situation. The vacant position of AIADMK General Secretary is impatiently waiting for Sasikala to assume charge.

Who will prove what actually happened to Jayalalithaa?