Why Election Commission and BJP wants to hold Lok Sabha and Assembly Elections together by September 2018?

Why Election Commission and BJP wants to hold Lok Sabha, Assembly Elections together by September 2018? Photo: Twitter

New Delhi, October 5: The Election Commission of India informed the Centre that simultaneous polls are possible by 2018.

Simultaneous elections infer holding both Lok Sabha and State Assembly at the same time. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been batting for to get rid of the country from the cycle of elections. OP Rawat, the Election Commissioner said that the Election Commission had asked for funds to purchase new Electronic Voting Machines and Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail machines.

Narendra Modi said that there must be a broad discussion on this point and we should not run away from the debate on this continuous cycle of elections. The General elections and the Odisha Assembly elections were conducted at the same time in 2014. The same electorate gave one judgment for Odisha and another judgment for Delhi. There must be a debate on how costs can be reduced by conducting simultaneous elections and how the influence of black money can be limited.

In 2016, Narendra Modi called out for a debate on this issue, the latest statement by Election Commission makes one ask whether Modi government would be able to do it in 2018 or whether the opposition would agree without debate. In the last three years, all the initiatives of Modi have been severely criticized and opposed by other parties.

Another question which is raised is that whether Modi will himself want simultaneous elections next year, especially when a negative perception against the current government is slowly spreading across the country. In 2016, the Parliamentary Standing Committee that was headed by Congress E.M. Sudarsana  Natchiappan said that Congress, NCP, CPI, Trinamool Congress and AIMIM had rejected the proposal saying that it was not at all feasible.

Narendra Modi has a tough task ahead, as far as simultaneous elections are concerned. It can’t be said with certainty that this should be done next year, but it is certainly a debate whose time has come.