Why is Mahesh Babu all over Tom cruise’s Facebook post

Tollywood actor Mahesh Babu is there in every single picture of Tom cruise’s facebook post. If you check comment sections, Tollywood Mahesh Babu fans are literally/sarcastically warning Tom cruise in his official Facebook account.

According to them, Mahesh Babu is the real hero, and Tom cruise cant beat him by any method.

All these comments showing that People are still not want to move away from celebrity Facebook pages after Maria Sharapova incident too. Tennis player Sharapova was trolled like this before when she made a comment on Indian Cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar. She said that ‘she didn’t know Sachin Tendulkar’ and the fans started this so-called ‘cyber roasting’ as they claim.

It is to be noted that, Spyder latest movie of Mahesh Babu is a rip off from Tom cruise starrer Minority report .