Why are women sharing makeup-free acne selfies in social media?

Instagram is usually associated with beautiful pictures of filtered photos and airbrushed selfies.

However, a large number of women have started a new movement on the photo-sharing app to encourage others to be less ashamed of their skin insecurities.

Many women are posting makeup-free selfies on social media, using the hashtag #skinpositivity to send out an important message about accepting skin problems, says a report on the Independent.

It all started when, in October last year, Instagram influencer Chessie King shared her struggle with her 300,000 followers- to coincide with World Mental Health Day.

Alongside the photo, she wrote, “I was in tears last week about the state my skin was in and went on a rage of picking and squeezing (the worst thing for it) because I was so upset. No matter how much I promote body confidence, I still really suffer from bad days BUT sharing it on my Insta stories really helped me realize there are so many of you going through it too.”

SPOT THE DIFFERENCE 👀 Put your hand up if you’ve had skin problems 🙋🏼 Keep your hand up if it’s affected you mentally 🙋🏼 Everyone has their own stories, everyone’s been through their own battles, but NO ONE is alone. I’ve shared my skin story before & it’s something I still struggle with, it’s only recently just settled down after a big flare up. My skin is always the first sign of something going on internally & this time round it was after my kidney infection & antibiotics. I’ve been really trying to rebalance my gut bacteria with probiotics & foods. I was in tears last week about the state my skin was in & went on a rage of picking & squeezing (the worst thing for it) because I was so upset. I felt embarrassed & just wanted to cover up my face. No matter how much I promote body confidence, I still really suffer with bad days BUT sharing it on my insta stories really helped me realise there are so many of you going through it too. It can be consuming & so so hard but we’re in this together girls. The best piece of advice I can give is to find that one person who makes you forget about your skin, who you’re so comfortable around that you don’t even think about it. And if you have any friends suffering too, be their support, remind them how amazing they are inside & their skin does not define them. You’ve got me, I’ve got YOU 💛 #WorldMentalHealthDay

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Since then many girls have gathered the courage to take part in this movement, using hashtags like #acne, #skinpoitivity and #acnepositivity to make the movement spread to a wider reach.

A 17-year-old girl from Colorado, Hailey Wait, has been considered as a champion in this movement. She, hrough her social media accounts, has been spreading powerful messages about embracing one’s unique beauty.

Em Ford, a self-professed makeup lover from London, has also been a driving force behind the rise in women unashamedly going makeup-free on Instagram

In November, Ford posted a video at the end of Anti-Bullying Week sharing her personal story.

Dear @kendalljenner, From one woman with acne to another, thanks for having the courage to stick your middle finger up 🖕🏻 at the petty minded idiots of the world 💁🏼‍♀️. When @kyliejenner called me to talk about my acne, all things skin, and how social media can make you feel – she mentioned how proud she was of YOU for dealing with your skin in the public eye… and girl 👏🏻 you’re a rock star 🌟 💁🏼‍♀️. Acne is a massive insecurity for people all over, and I truly believe that the only way to truly alleviate these worries, insecurities and fears, is to have more women like yourself, who live their life with a kickass IDGAF attitude about their acne and talk about how completely normal it is 👊🏻. I strongly believe that the more we talk about these things, the less taboo these conversations will become… The less judgmental we become of others. And the less insecure we become of ourselves. So Kendall 🙌🏻 thanks for kicking ass 🙌🏻 you looked freaking fabulous. Em x

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She wrote, “I hope it can help those of you in a similar situation or those who feel like I did. Just remember you are good enough, you are strong enough and you can do this.”

Many girls are choosing to post a side-by-side comparison, showing just how much difference makeup can make, and why one shouldn’t compare themselves to what one sees on Instagram.

Already, the hashtag #skinpositivity has been used hundreds of times and #acnepositivity has surpassed 200 posts.