Who will be next AIADMK General Secretary? and other questions

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Chennai, Dec 08: In her lifetime, Jayalalithaa combined the posts of chief minister and AIADMK general secretary. Now that she is no more, and with O Panneerselvam made the new CM, what everyone wants to know is, who will be the new party gen-sec?

Will there be two power centres in the party, with the two posts being kept different?
Will the all-powerful Sasikala Natarajan, already the power behind the throne, assume the role for herself?
In which case, with both the CM and gen-sec coming from the Thevar community, where will that leave the other dominant caste in the party, the Gounders?
Or, to prevent their alienation and possible migration, will Lok Sabha deputy speaker Thambidurai be made the gen-sec?
What exactly is the BJP central leadership’s attitude towards Tamil Nadu?
Will Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi, who doesn’t seem to much care for his party’s alliance with the rival DMK, get closer to the AIADMK?
As the party MPs skip Parliament owing to the 7-mourning for Jayalalithaa, these are some of the questions playing on their mind.
Hopefully, by the time they resume attendance next week, at least some of the queries will be answered.