Will Panneerselvam save Tamil Nadu from Mannargudi Mafia

Chennai, Feb 24: While Tamil Nadu and AIADMK celebrates the Birth Anniversary of former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and Jayalalithaa, her most trusted loyalist O Panneerselvam had raised questions about the unambiguity existing in the death of Jayalalithaa. In his speech, Panneerselvam has demand for a probe into the death of former AIADMK chief.

Panneerselvam was speaking at a commemorative public gathering and he garlanded the portrait of Jayalalithaa. He said, “when I was CM, I initiated an inquiry into Jayalalithaa’s death, but it went upside down; Government should inquire what actually happened to her.

Panneerselvam stressed the hardships faced by his mentor Jayalalithaa, for becoming such an accepted leader, before she rose up to be the state’s Amma. He vowed to retain AIADMK, from the hands of the so-called Mannargudi mafia, those who were once expelled by Jayalalithaa.

“Amma had to face many troubles after MGR’s death. She believed that there will never be a family politics in AIADMK. But things are never the same again. Both the government and the party are in the hands of a family. The family to which Jayalalithaa had kept a safe distance with. The biggest challenge we face today is a ‘dharma yudham’, the war for justice. Justice will gain victory,”