Winter session of Parliament: Demonetisation dampens spirits of BJP MPs

New Delhi, Nov 16: Demonetisation has had a major impact on the behaviour of BJP MPs on the 1st day of the winter session of Parliament today.

Our source tells us that there was no jubiliation or cheers or for that matter enthusiasm among the ruling party MPs in the Central Hall of Parliament as is the norm when the Parliament convenes.

BJP MPs were exchanging greetings but the smile was absent. Neither were any goodnatured digs made at the Congress.

Congress MPs were not seen in Central hall either, but when Sonia Gandhi walked in from the Congress Parliamentary Office towards the Lok Sabha, many Congress MPs rushed to greet her.

TMC MPs were distributing black capes as they walked towards the main gate #1 from Central hall.
PM Narendra Modi met Congress President Sonia Gandhi in the Lok Sabha and enquired about her health; also met other Opposition leaders.

Congress leader Anand Sharma is speaking on the currency ban in the Rajya Sabha. “Take a decision, but don’t tarnish the entire nation,” he says.