Woman from Allahabad claims Rahul Gandhi has promised to marry her in “her dreams”

New Delhi, November 23: An unidentified woman from Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh has professed her love for Rahul Gandhi. She had even claimed that he has promised to marry her in “her dreams”, reports dnaindia.com.

In her claims she said that she had met Gandhi once in 2014 and a few more times later and has been besotted by him since then. Calling Rahul Gandhi a good man, she says she is convinced that he will marry her. “He has spoken to Dalits, had meals with Dalits and he lived with them. I am an OBC and supported Congress for a long time. So why wouldn’t he marry me?” she says.

When asked whether Gandhi ever suggested a marriage proposal to her, the woman replied that he indeed did so, in her dreams. “He has promised marriage and children in my dreams,” she has claimed.