Woman, infant daughter found dead in Kolkata home

Kolkata, Feb 16 (IANS) A middle-aged woman and her nine-month-old baby were found mysteriously dead at her residence in Kolkata’s satellite township Salt Lake, the city police said on Thursday.

“Poulomi Raut (35), a resident of Saurav Abashan in Salt lake’s EE Block, was found hanging from the ceiling of her bedroom with the kid’s body strapped around her waist on Wednesday. A stole was fastened around the deceased woman’s neck,” Debasish Nath, Officer in-charge of Bidhannagar police station, said.

Poulomi, who used to stay with her husband, two children and in-laws at the upscale residency in the city, was first seen in that condition by her elder son through the window. The door of her bed room was locked from inside during the incident, the police said.

The police said there were no external injuries in the woman’s body apart from the mark on her neck. Both the bodies have been sent for an autopsy.

The police detained her husband Anup Raut for interrogation as there were allegations of a recent fallout between the couple but he was released later.

“The fallout between the married couple was a minor one. We released the husband as there were no complaints against him by the woman’s family,” the officer explained.

“It has come to light now that the woman was depressed about her younger kid’s illness,” he added.

Earlier in the day, Poulomi’s mother said they have no complaints against her husband Anup and in-laws.

“We have no complaints against anyone for her death”, she said.