Woman jumps on top of her car to stop car thieves in Milwaukee

Woman jumps on top of her car to stop car thieves in Milwaukee

Milwaukee, May25:An American woman resorted to an unconventional method to stop thieves from stealing her car. Melissa Marian from Milwaukee was at a gas station getting fuel when a man got out of a dark car and hopped inside hers in a possible carjacking attempt. With barely any time to react, the woman jumped on the car’s hood to stop the suspect from driving away. The entire episode was caught on surveillance camera and shared on Facebook by Melissa.

According to TMJ4, Melissa first planned to grab the mirror but then got the idea of jumping on the car. A decision that may have not been the smartest or safest, in hindsight, according to her.

“Jumped on the top and held on for dear life,” she told TMJ4.

The suspect tried throwing her off the hood by moving the car but was unsuccessful in doing so.

“They laughed at me. The kid in my car laughed at me while I was on my car and tried moving and throwing me off, and I screamed bloody murder, and I didn’t get off,” she told Fox 6 News.
The suspect eventually gave up seeing how persistently Melissa clung to the windshield wiper. He left the car with Melissa still on the hood and the car still in gear. She was forced to jump off the moving vehicle and somehow get behind the wheel to stop the car from hitting another person.
She was unharmed in the incident. The suspect, according to her Facebook post, managed to get away with her wallet and phone.

The incident happened on Tuesday. According to her post, there were 4 teenage suspects involved and the car they were using was also reportedly stolen earlier that day.