This woman knows how to stay in the news : Rakhi Sawant is Back Again With a Conspiracy Theory

Mumbai, June 30: Rakhi Sawant is at it again. Say what you want about her, the woman knows how to stay in the news. The latest gem to come from Rakhi Sawant’s mouth is the asinine comment that Salman Khan never actually said the word “Rape”. It was a doctored footage where someone had dubbed over.

In this video by ‘Movie Talkies’ Rakhi was asked about her views were on the Salman Khan public outrage. Rakhi, the cool cucumber that she is, called this an attempt to defame the industry ‘Legend’. And this attempt definitely had envy as a motive. (Elementary, dear Watson)

Rakhi further substantiates Bhai’s legendaryness by providing ample data about who all have his back; the Prime Minister being one of them.

And she happily stuck to her story of Salman Khan being targeted by the public, the media and a whole lot of other people, until she presented us with the conspiracy theory of the year.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, Rakhi Sawant played that very card again. The same conspiracy theory she gave to the world after AIB roast of Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor: Salman Khan never actually uttered the word ‘Rape’. It was dubbed over the video.

And while this could very well shake the foundations of the whole situation, sadly it isn’t likely to happen. Salman Khan did say the word ‘Rape’ and there was no doctoring of footage, dubbing of words and mimicry of Bhai involved.

But fear not Rakhi, if you repeat this theory enough number of times about enough Bollywood faux pas, we are sure it would fit at least once, and we genuinely hope it does.

Watch this hilarious interview right here: