Woman’s husband tattooed abuse and expletives for not paying dowry

Jaipur, June 28: A woman in Rajasthan has filed a police complaint, saying her husband tattooed “my father is a thief” on her forehead when her family failed to provide a Rs 51,000 dowry.

Expletives were also inked on her arms and thighs, she told the police.

The woman has also alleged that her father-in-law and brother-in-law raped her while she was living with her abusive husband.

According to the victim’s complaint, the torture began six months after her wedding in January last year. It continued until her father met her at her in-laws’ house in Alwar. He saw her misery, and brought her back to her parental home at Amer in Jaipur, where she filed a case against her husband and in-laws.

Shockingly, the woman says her family erased the words “my father is a thief” from her forehead using a mix of acid and limestone powder.

They then used tattoos to distort the offensive markings on other parts of her body, she said.

Police said the victim’s husband and in-laws have gone on the run.

A medical examination has been performed on the victim, and two of the defendants she named have been charged with rape.

Others face prosecution for alleged assault and dowry torture, police confirmed.