Women molested and groped at M.G Road in Bangalore on New Year’s Eve

Women molested and groped at M.G Road in Bangalore on New Year's Eve

BENGALURU: Several women were allegedly molested and heckled on Bengaluru’s famous MG Road on New Year’s Eve by some men even as cops struggled to control thousands of revelers who had poured out on the streets at midnight.

2017 kicked off on a sad note for Bengaluru when women were molested and heckled by drunk, unruly men on the streets on New Year’s eve. While unfortunately incidents of molestation and rape have become synonymous with New Year’s eve celebrations in India, this particular incident took place in the presence of 15,000 policemen.

According to a report in Bangalore Mirror, the incident took place in the busy areas of MG Road and Brigade Road where men groped and verbally abused women revellers even as policemen were present in huge numbers. While the crowd in Bengaluru is known for being unruly during New Year celebrations, this time round the deadline for celebrations were extended to way beyond 2 am.

Bengaluru, which prides itself as a city safe for women, is in shock after a photojournalist from the newspaper Bangalore Mirror alleged that he had seen several distraught women approaching police women and complaining that hooligans had molested them and made lewd remarks during the New Year celebrations on December 31.

The newspaper report said the young women were seen running towards cops for help, some holding shoes in their hands as they tried to get away faster from their attackers. Some, the report said, were weeping.

The city police say no complaint has been registered so far, but they are gathering more information about what happened that night.