Women PCR vans set forth in Delhi after warning of terror attack

Women PCR vans set forth in Delhi after warning of terror attack. Photo: Twitter

New Delhi, August 2: The Delhi Police arranged 10 Police Control Room vans (PCR vans) at vulnerable places with possibilities of some attack. A total of 41 women commandos from the north-eastern region would be present at the Red Fort and India Gate on August 15. These commandos had undergone 10-month training as constables while they got trained to use guns at the Delhi Police Long Range training facility in Tapukara, Rajasthan. Later, they would undergo a four-month advance training at Jharoda Kalan. This programme was implemented by police commissioner Amulya Patnaik.

“At present, only 10 vans are there and each has a women commando. 15 more vans would be allotted and commandos would be appointed too.”, said Dependra Pathak, Special Commissioner of Delhi Police. He added that the women commandos would be posted in the anti-terror units.

O P Sharma, the laedrer of the training programme said, “They are extremely professional and dedicated in the training.” Most of these women joined Delhi Police Force in 2016. They are getting trained to learn combat moves from Krav Maga, a form of martial arts developed by Israeli Army. The training skills also include climbing multi-storied buildings within seconds to carry out rescue operations or DTC bus or the Metro trains.

They are divided into “hit-teams”, each team comprising one leader, two recce officers, a communication expert, two sharpshooters and a medic. All of them are equipped with an AK-47 assault rifle, submachine gun, along with at least four 30-round magazines, a Glock 17 or Glock 26 pistol, hand grenades, a wireless set, a 20-metre nylon rope, a pencil torch, bulletproof hemlet, bullet proof jackets and elbow pads.