Women pioneers of 2016 who made a difference

NewDelhi,Dec17:A woman is an unstoppable force. Today women are building billion-dollar brands, calling shots in financial markets, breaking records in every field. Be it sports, music, politics, business, their accomplishments are formidable.
And the Year 2016 has been the year for women. As we move ahead to 2017, let’s take a minute’s time to acknowledge and appreciate lovely ladies for the exceptional work that they have done in various fields.

Selena Gomez


Selena Gomez opens about her mental heath. She announced that she would take some time off to deal with anxiety, panic attacks and depression.

Simone Biles


Simone Biles won the most gold medals for the U.S. gymnastics team since 1984. All thanks to her signature move and the never say die attitude towards life.

Ibtihaj Muhammad


She became the first U.S athlete to compete at Olympics in Hijab. She won the bronze medal in fencing.

Gigi Hadid


During a Milan Fashion Week, she defended herself against a man who tried to grab her.

Alicia Keys


She showed the world that you can still slay without makeup.

Peggy Whitson


She became the oldest female astronaut. At the age of 56, she broke all the records for the longest time in orbit.

Hillary Clinton


Hillary Clinton became the first woman to receive the Democratic Presidential nomination. She won the popular vote and she will encourage young girls so that one of them can be the President.