Women unsafe at home or outside: 1,138 rape cases registered in Delhi in 2017

Women unsafe at home or outside: 1,138 rape cases registered in Delhi in 2017.

New Delhi, August 7: On the day of Raksha Bandhan, which is a religious festival when men pledge to protect the life and the security of their sisters, the crimes against women in the national capital is increasing. The statistics of Delhi police stated that until July 15, 2017, 6 cases of rape and 12 cases of sexual assault were reported on an average daily. The city registered 1,138 rape cases in 2017 while 1,204 rape cases were reported last year. In addition to rapes and sexual assaults, about 11 cases of abduction and 8 cases of torture by husband and in-laws were reported on a daily basis. The kidnappings have increased from 1,913 in last year to 2,066 in 2017 that is up to five per cent.

“Women tend to feel unsafe whether at home or outside”, said Aarti, an activist who helps the city police in giving counselling to the victims of various crimes. Although the women activists blame poor police inspection, the police said that in most of the cases, the accused is familiar to the victim.

However, studies proved that in rape cases the accused person is mostly someone known to the victim, said a senior officer, associated with Delhi Police crime against women cell. The police officer mentioned that “when compared to the last year, the incidents have declined. In future, we better our protection in order to reduce the crime rate. We should sharpen the force while handling crime cases against women so that more women could approach police to report crimes against them.”

Delhi Police have about 1,000 Police Control Room vans in 13 districts at New Delhi. The vans are connected to the command room with a wireless system. On an average, the Delhi police helpline receives a total of 25,000 calls every day.

According to the data with Mail Today, it was revealed that till July 15, around 7,155 cases were reported by women crimes. around 70 women lost their lives in dory-related cases in Delhi this year. The Delhi police have brought a facility where travelers could access Delhi police mobile safety application for women. the application is named as ‘Himmat’ and it could be used while travelling in any cab. It was started after many rape cases involved cab drivers.

recently on Saturday, in Rohini area of northwest Delhi three men kidnapped a girl, and  tried to rape her in a moving car. The girl raised an alarm and the two travelers in a car heard the scream. The two of them chased the screams and stopped the vehicle. A group of about 150 people were gathered on the location and burned the Accent car which was used for the crime. The group punched up two of the accused but the third one got escaped. The group also screamed slogans against the police as the police came very late.