Workout routines can actually trigger sexual pleasure

Sweating it out in the gym is the best way to work on physical fitness and also develops confidence in people by making them feel better about their body. But while working out does make one feel energised, the idea of sexual pleasure coming from it seems far fetched.

A study seems to introduce a whole new point of view as it suggests that women can actually have the feeling akin to an orgasm as they flex their muscles at the gym. This outcome of rigorous exercise is called EIO and is dubbed ‘coregasm’ by the media.
The phenomenon was discovered when women reported tingling sensations while performing gymnastic exercises that stretched muscles in the abs and pelvic floor. Women in the study said that they experienced sexual pleasure while working on their abs despite no sexual thoughts at the gym.

Many women said that they found it embarrassing as one said that she left the gym in an awkward situation when she came very close to an orgasm at the time of doing hanging leg raises. Another admitted that she experienced an orgasm every time after her last set.

Although it seems to be about muscle contractions, there is no clear idea about why coregasm happens. It may depend on the built of a woman as well as how sensitive and in tune with her body she is.