World about to witness Third World War if battle between US and North Korea begins

The World about to witness Third World War if the battle begins between US and North Korea

New Delhi, August 11: If North Korea’s Pyongyang attacks US’s Guam with fire missile as earlier announced, China is asked to remain neutral by a state-run newspaper at China, says media reports. ‘Global Times’, the Chinese newspaper, spread the information soon after Donald Trump came up again on Thursday mentioning the threat of ‘fire and fury’ attack on Pyongyang which won’t be that tough.

North Korea has asked China, who is their companion and trading partner, to remain calm regarding their current crisis situation. Beijing has expressed their concern over Pyongyang’s current tensions that is caused due to the repeated missile tests from South Korea and US. Global Times has made it clear that if South Korea and the US cause any harm to the North Korean regime and alter their political pattern, China would definitely interfere to protect their ally.

KCNA, a news agency in North Korea have disclosed the state’s notion of firing four intermediate-range missiles over Japan and finally land on Guam. Their army would probably complete their missile works by mid-August.

Trump has announced that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un won’t be spared for his ‘horrific’ comments and statements made that disrespect America, says media reports. James Mattis, US Defence Secretary, asserted that they would prefer a diplomatic approach to North Korea, war could be ‘catastrophic’. At the same time, he mentioned that the US is all set to deal if North Korea made any militant attack all of a sudden.

It all began in 2015 when the North came up with two nuclear bomb tests and launching two intercontinental ballistic missile tests in July. Trump has told that he won’t be allowing Pyongyang to make strong nuclear weapon that is capable to attack US.

According to media reports, an 18 day live fire exercise, initiated by the US and Japanese troops, began on Thursday at northern Japanese island of Hokkaido in order to include 3500 troops and rocket artillery drills. Northern Viper drills are a part of the Japanese scheduled exercises with their US counterparts, and it is not introduced for meeting the current crisis.

Ulchi Freedom Guardian, an annual joint drill by the US and South Korea, is scheduled to commence from August 21 comprising as much as 30000 US troops.

Marking the Liberation Day, the freedom gained by Korean peninsula from the rule of Japan, South Korean president Moon Jae would deliver a speech regarding his aspect towards North Korea. Liberation Day is the only holiday that both Koreas share. After the 1950-53 Korean conflict, the US and South Korea had not made any technical move for war against North Korea.

Unrest between the US and North Korea points to a broad stock market sell off. The US benchmark Standard and Poor’s 500 stock index had closed down 1.4 percent. This marks the one day drop from May. Korea Composite Stock Price Index (KOSPI) was down 1.9 percent making to fall down the Asian shares.

Robert Carnell, ING’s chief Asia economist stated that there is hardly a little chance for a diplomatic solution to the current tensions as Trump demands on ramping up the war of words. US targets would be reached as North Korea has miniaturised its nuclear warheads. This could pave way for the generation’s Cuban Missile crisis.

The former defence officials and experts claim that the war with North Korea would result in World War 3 resulting in catastrophic casualties, which would be similar or more than World War 2. They added that the war could cause a negative impact on the economy worldwide.

Guam is a tropical island in the US territory which is situated in the Western Pacific. About 163000 people are residing on this island, having around 6000 US military personnel. The island has US air base, Navy that comprises of the submarine squadron and a Coast Guard group.