World Alzheimer’s Day 2017: Do not misunderstand with memory loss, Alzheimer’s is lot more beyond that

World Alzheimer's Day 2017: Do not misunderstand with memory loss, Alzheimer's is lot more beyond that

New Delhi, September 21: Do you often forgot where you keep things, mix up the names and tend to forget important occasions? So, this is just another event of memory lapse or something very serious called Alzheimer’s disease?Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a chronic neurodegenerative disease that normally starts gradually but gets worst with time. September 21 is observed as World Alzheimer’s Day.

The main symptoms are not remembering the person even though you are familiar with the person, difficulty n performing simple tasks like paying bills, dressing, maintaining hygiene and forgetting how to do them, placing things in unusual places and losing them continuously, losing track of dates and season.

Some other symptoms include frequent loss of recent memory in particularly recent conversations, appointments or event, change in behavior and mood such as depression and apathy, irritability and aggression, repeating a statement or question again and again, difficulty in expressing and understanding language.

There are some ways to prevent Alzheimer’s disease or dementia are being more social because being isolated could harm your brain function. Do regular exercise as a regular workout can lower the risk of Alzheimer’s by about 50 percent. Eat a healthy diet, indulge in a hobby which you love doing.