World Animal Day:Allow animals to thrive in their natural environment in a safe way

World Animal Day:Allow animals to thrive in their natural environment in a safe way

World Animal Day is a world-wide action for animal privileges and welfare celebrated yearly on October 4, It is a societal drive charged by the Task of growing the status of animals in order to expand safety values everywhere the world. To get this, we boost animal welfare organisations, community units, youth and children’s clubs, persons to organized happenings in festival of World Animal Day to pull consideration to essential problems energetic spark for transformation.

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On October 4, 1931, the world first World Animal Day celebrated. It is a day for retention and giving honour to all animals and the people who respect the animals.  The foremost parts of effort for World Animal Day are representation, attention to sheltering natural habitats and associate animal welfare.  World animal day to recollect that it is our responsibility to be kind to animals.

World Animal Day isn’t a recent addition to the calendar. It was started in 1931 at a convention of ecologists in Florence, Italy, as a way of highlighting the plight of endangered species. It takes place annually on 4 October, chosen as it is the feast day of St Francis of Assisi.

In 2003, Naturewatch Foundation launched the first World Animal Day website which mainly focused upon the UK. As Naturewatch Foundation is only a small charity and financial support for World Animal Day has always been extremely limited, identifying cost-effective ways to progress this powerful movement is key to ensuring it reaches its full potential.

In 2007,  Naturwatch welcomed the opportunity to take over the initiative and recognized the huge potential it held in making a real difference for animals if it was established as a powerful central platform. The first thing I did was take World Animal Day global by launching the Ambassador programme and began enlisting the help and support of Ambassadors around the world. Today we have 89 Ambassadors raising awareness of, and encouraging participation in, World Animal Day in 76 countries around the globe.

To give you an idea of the types of events that are held each year, they include:

  • awareness and educational events;
  • shelter open days;
  • pet adoption events;
  • conferences and workshops;
  • animal blessing services;
  • fundraising events such as concerts, sponsored walks, and shelter open days, through to gala balls;
  • school events to educate the younger generation such as animal-related competitions, concerts and film shows (many countries recognise that planting the seed of compassion and mercy in the hearts of the younger generation is their main hope for a brighter future for the animals;
  • spay and neuter marathons;
  • veterinary treatment camps;
  • rabies prevention awareness and vaccinations;
  • radio and TV interviews;
  • peaceful protest marches – to either raise awareness of a specific animal welfare issue or to encourage governments to introduce animal protection legislation.