The world is going digital…

The world is going digital, rather, it has already gone digital. As the footprints of the digital march move on in amazing speed, one thing that has remained constant is content. Content is still the king.

Unlike in the print or visual media, in the digital world, content is highly dynamic, interactive and uniquely determined and shaped by the viewers by the minute.

As citizen journalists mushroom, ready to pounce on and pound every issue, their hunger should be fulfilled with a news menu that is stimulating, thought-provoking and unique.

In this process, gatekeepers at websites should know how to wade through a mire of diverse opinions and viewpoints to bring out stories that would stand the test of accuracy and impartiality.

A young team at aims to do that. Challenges would be plenty, but the journey will be exciting. I wish the team all the best.


Former Editor, The New Indian Express, Bengaluru and currently

Managing Editor, Nyusu Digital Media, Bengaluru