World Police now plays with dog poop and eggs: Racism, What more?

Kin bids farewell to Srinivas Kuchibhotla, just before being taken to the funeral pyre. Photo: Twitter

RACISM no more a history, it is the present continuous the United States

Message to the world from the World Police

Prevention is better than cure

Racism justified in US

Washington, D.C, Feb 28: While the FBI is trying to determine if the shooting occurred in Kansas was a hate crime or not, the whole India is being exposed to a dirty racism. Racism at its peak.

It is just five days back, an Indian man has been killed in the midwestern state of Kansas. According to primary reports, it could be a hate crime. Another person was wounded in the shooting which is being investigated by US authorities.

Among the two, one of them had lived in the United States for more than a decade. They were shot at a bar outside Kansas City on last Wednesday, as reported by The Kansas City Star newspaper.

32 years-old Srinivas Kuchibhotla, was killed and Alok Madasani, 32, was left wounded in the attack. They were employed as aviation systems engineers for GPS manufacturer Garmin.

RACISM no more a history, it is present continuous in the United States

The Investigation team has arrested a 51-year-old Adam Purinton, who allegedly told the men “get out of my country” before opening fire.

One more incident of hate crime has come to light in the US today. A house of an Indian was trashed with eggs, dog poop and hate messages.

An investigation is on by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) over the case took place in Southern Colorado on February 6. It is believed that this crime must be done by a group of people as the damage is made in different ways.

It is believed that this crime must be done by a group of people as the damage is made in different ways.

Reportedly, racial slurs and hate messages were sprawled all over the home of this Indian. It was written that ‘You brown or Indian shouldn’t be here’. There were more than 50 papers stuck on his door, window and car and more than 40 eggs were thrown over the house.

There were more than 50 papers stuck on his door, window and car and more than 40 eggs were thrown over the house.

Message to the world from the World Police

Undoubtedly, the recent incidents reflect the mindset of the country. Even if the majority is innocent in such issues, it gains significance as it took the life of a young man. Death always has to pay more. That too, a man from India, the largest democracy in the world.
Ultimately, Racism is a belief that one race is superior or inferior to another. Here, race depends on colour. When somebody needs blood for a surgery, they take it from a blood bank. The colour of the donor is never questioned. None was found questioning the colour of the donor if somebody needs to get an organ transplant. From this example, it is almost clear that how foolish to discriminate human beings on their colour or origin.

Moreover, a truly civilised society will never possess a thought of racism. Or else, it is no more civilised. Tribals are considered to be less educated to the standards of the modern world. But, even they live in a civilised manner.

Prevention is better than cure

It is high time to take preventive measures to stop spreading racism. Raising the new generation in such a way that they never get motivated or support racism could really help. Do whatever is needed for your children to grow up as a philanthropist or at least as a humanitarian.

Early inoculation is the only way remaining to prevent spreading racism. As it is more or less impossible to convince an adult who has been raised in the backgrounds of racism.

Unfortunately, some white professors at certain highly ranked Universities are indulging in penalising non-white students, unjustly.

Racism justified in the United States

In general, Americans indulge in ascertaining that they are not racists. To justify, they would say that their country has the largest concentration of immigrants. This creates a diversity in the population and consequently, there are more chances of racial issues than other countries. But in reality, white Americans are basically racist towards all non-white races.

Better to stop becoming a civilization dominated by racism.

Better late than never.