World’s loneliest bird dies in company of concrete bird replicas

World's loneliest bird dies in company of concrete birds replicas

World’s loneliest bird, affectionately known as ‘no-mates nigel’ died in company of concrete replicas of birds, whom he considered as family.

The gannet bird was living on an island, off the coast of New Zealand surrounded by 80 concrete gannet replicas.

The bird became news when his life on the edge of a desolate cliff on the Island of Mana was reported by the media.

The bird was lured to the island by wildlife officials in hopes of establishing a new gannet colony. The officials placed concrete gannet replicas on the cliff and broadcasted their calls through a sound system to attract the bird to the location 5 years ago.

Nigel was the first and only gannet to settle on Mana Island in 40 years. No more gannets accompanied Nigel as the conservationists hoped.

But Nigel continued staying on the cliff and he believed that the concrete replicas are his family. His body was found alongside one particular concrete gannet replica which according to conservationists, he believed was his partner.