World’s smallest jellyfish causes havoc in Australia

Brisbane, Jan 5 (IANS) The world’s smallest jellyfish have been causing havoc in Australia’s north coast over the festive summer period after a 10th victim was transferred to hospital from a spate of stings.

A teenage girl was airlifted to hospital late Wednesday night after being stung by the potentially deadly Irukandji box jellyfish on the western side of Fraser Island, 350 km north from Brisbane, Xinhua news agency reported.

Irukandji, however, are typically found in northern Queensland waters, 700 km away from Fraser Island.

The jellyfish’s habitat is being extended due to the warming of the oceans, Australian scientists said.

Sting victims initially experience severe nausea before vomiting while pain travels from the sting sight up the back to the abdomen, chest and neck. Legs also experience pain and cramping.