World’s Top 10 Nations with Prettiest Women

Beauty, physical charm, and grace spontaneously arouse   interests of all humans, no matter which part of the world they inhabit.   Beauty has always enjoyed a place of pride through the centuries. In modern tines beauty contests and events are increasingly becoming popular and commonplace.  However, beauty per se    is totally subjective.  What may be beautiful for one may not be so for another. As a matter of fact, diverse people judge beauty with divergent criteria. Interesting to note, nowadays,  the concept of “beauty with brains” is pretty much “IN”  Let’s  now take a look at the world’s ten topmost countries with beautiful women.

Here goes:


Philippino women

On the lowest rung are Philippino women who are famous for their swarthy skin and dark flowing tresses. These features make them distinct from their American and European counterparts. They are also known for their good attitude and sweetness.


British women

British women are known to be graceful delicate and poised. This is why their men folk hail them as “English Rose.  Though not as tall as their Scandinavian sisters, British women are educated, well mannered and lovely. They are on the 9th rung.

8.US A & Canadian

The second beautiful woman in the world is Emmanuelle Chriquie a canadian actress.

US A & Canadian are independent, smart and savvy. And they know how to take care of themselves. Since the   two a nation of migrants no distinctive features or looks can be charted.    They occupy the 8th rung.


Dutch model Doutzen Kroes

With an average height of 5’7” accentuated by blonde hair, Dutch woman are among the prettiest in Europe. Theirs is the 7th position on the charts.

6. ItaIlian

Most Beautiful Italian Women

Think of classic European beauty and you will think of ItaIlian women with chiseled features and largely brown eyes. (after all Romans were fabled for their good looks!) They are well -groomed and their make-up elegant. Theirs is the 6th place.


Dayana Mendoza – Celebrity Apprentice 2012 Contestant, Miss Universe 2008, Miss Venezuela 2007

Ladies from Venezuela with their tall, slim bodies almost invariably make it to the international beauty and glamour pageants. They are in the 5th place.


Russian women

Russian women represent a  fine blend western and oriental features namely high cheekbones, broad and tall bodies with blonde hair. They occupy the 4th position.

3. Ukrainian

Ukrainian beauty Mila Kunis .

Though Ukraine was part of the erstwhile Soviet Union yet Ukrainian women are often found to be stunningly beautiful –a cut above the Russians.


Brazilian women.

The 2nd place goes to Brazilian women. These Latin American beauties cling to traditions and values. A harmonious mix of Colonial Spanish and ethnic South American, Brazil may well boast of some of the finest women of the globe.

1. Turkish

The Most Beautiful Turkish Actress In The World!

At the apex position on the list we find Turkish women, who are photogenic, possess attractive figures and good complexion. In addition they generally possess a royal bearing and aura, which further enhances their charm.