Writer and disability campaigner Salil Chaturvedi assaulted in Goa theatre for not standing up during national anthem

Panaji,Oct21:A disabled person was allegedly assaulted at a multiplex in Panaji, Goa when he didn’t stand up while the national anthem was being played, according to a Times of India report on Wednesday. Award-winning writer and disability campaigner Salil Chaturvedi, who suffers from spinal injury could not rise to his feet, when he was thrashed by a couple standing in the aisle above him.

According to the report, the husband hit Chaturvedi while the woman shouted “why can’t he get up?!” Chaturvedi turned and asked them “why don’t you just relax? Why do you have to get into people’s faces? You don’t know the story here. You will never know”.

Following this the couple again shouted at him and spoke about standing up during the anthem. However, later realising their error they backed out and fearing a police case, left the theatre.

As quoted by TOI, Chaturvedi said, “I can’t go. I’m afraid someone will hit me even harder, and worsen my spinal injury. I just don’t understand why it seems impossible for so many people to express patriotism in a non-aggressive manner.”