WTF .Cow ministry for the whole country .Ridiculous!

WTF .Cow ministry for the whole country .Ridiculous!

New Delhi,August3:The BJP national president Amit Shah has declared at a recent press conference in Lucknow that the Narendra Modi government is considering setting up a ministry for cows. A report in The Telegraphquotes Shah saying: “There are many recommendations about a cow ministry. A discussion is on.” Sitting next to him was, of course, the Uttar Pradesh chief minister and a long-time crusader for cow protection and shelters, Yogi Adityanath.

BJP-ruled Rajasthan is the first Indian state to have a minister in charge for the welfare of cows. Prime Minister Narendra Modi rode to power in 2014 on a slew of promises, which include a national ban on cow slaughter. In April, the home ministry came out with plans to assign a unique identification number, Aaadhar, to cows. His home state Gujarat raised the sentence for cow slaughter to life term in jail.

In Lucknow on Monday, Shah described Modi as the “undisputed most popular PM” of India, claiming that the saffron party’s government had succeeded in “ending the politics of family, caste and appeasement” in the country.

The semantics matter, but not so much that they provide any out-of-ordinary explanation for the fact that the Narendra Modi government, despite failing indicators on a huge range of issues — including GDP growth rate, health, uglification of politics, post-election coups to dismantle elected state governments, alarming rise in lynchings and vigilantism over beef, rampant Islamophobia, small-scale riots in states that the BJP is eyeing electorally, and countless other related matters — would focus its energies on the possibility, nay near certainty, of constituting a cow ministry.

Of course, only one state so far has a full-scale ministry for cows, and no prizes for guessing that happens to be the BJP-ruled Rajasthan. Hardly a coincidence that a number of the beef lynchings, including that of Pehlu Khan in Alwar and Zafar Khan in Pratapgarh, occurred in the Vasundhara Raje-ruled Rajasthan.

The chief minister put forward a meek castigation of the lynchings in a pusillanimous article in the Times of India, where the CM invoked Akira Kurosawa’s “multiple perspectives”, but she failed to mention how the state sanction for such sickening display of vigilantism comes in the form of the legislations that are brought in, the covert nods from the authorities that egg on the cow zeitgeists.


The cows themselves have little to gain from the politics in their name. Photo: PTI

Naturally, in a state where symbols, textbooks and the signs of India’s plural, syncretic past are being constantly saffronised, wiped out from memory, the cow ministry and cow lynchings are hardly out of place. A lynching is a public spectacle, meant for general consumption, and it’s designed to send home a message: that the minorities can be lynched, subjected to public flogging anytime, anywhere. That they are, effectively, second-class citizens, with fewer real rights and more obligations, that they better accept the rule of the majority, stay in their place, or face the dangerous music of majoritarian violence as comeuppance.

But a Union cow ministry for the whole of India? Is it really that unthought-of, given the broad tendencies that the Modi government has been displaying with brazen aggression, perfectly in line to promote and deliver by 2019 the dreamed-of goal of turning India into a Hindu Rashtra?

We have seminars on cow urine, dung being organised in hallowed institutions such as the IITs. IIT Delhi, last year, had a three-day seminar on the fabled anti-cancer properties of panchagavya, the concoction comprising cow dung, urine and other bovine derivatives.