WWE diva Paige out of it after neck surgery .Will she go back?

WWE diva Paige out of it after neck surgery .Will she go back?

Bengaluru, Jan 3: WWE’s so-called anti-diva, Paige is out from the WWE for several months now. She is having a longer beef with the company for a long time now. On December 10th, she was over with a three-month suspension for violating WWE’s wellness policy twice. Fans started to speculate that she could be returning anytime soon to WWE programming.

It was earlier stated that Paige has started rehabbing after undergoing the much-needed neck surgery. Since WWE Raw lacks a depth in the female roster, her absence is felt strongly. Furthermore, she does have a contract with the WWE is intact till 2019. So, she cannot leave, anyways.

However, reports from allwrestlingnews.com claim that Paige is not willing to come back to the WWE and travel the road along with the locker room. So, there are fewer possibilities that we would see her anytime soon on Raw. In the ongoing season of Total Divas, we have seen her having a rift with her co-workers due to her relationship with Del Rio. She even complained of getting isolated in the locker room. The source also suggested that WWE is keen to bring her back. If she is not willing to compete inside the ring, then they are trying to bring her back only for the Total Divas show keeping in mind the popularity of the young Diva.

Paige has been one of the cornerstones of the ongoing Women’s revolution in the WWE. However, it is a fact that ever since the four horsewomen came to the main roster of the WWE, she was not utilized properly and only showcased in shows like Total Divas.

However, as per her recent tweets, it is clear that she does miss some of her co-workers in the WWE. Her unwillingness to come back to the company may be due to the fact that the backlash she will have to digest upon return after having a tough time in 2016.