WWE Survivor Series 2016:Goldberg defeats Lesmar

Ontario,Canada,Nov21:In 10 minutes into Survivor Series, and WWE has already played the “team dysfunction” card. Nikki Bella was attacked backstage and there’s a good chance the assailant was somebody from her team because a) like the other Survivor Series squads, they are being forced together against their will and b) just about every woman on the SmackDown roster is on that team.

The fans seemed to be really behind Alexa Bliss which is odd because she is an upstart heel on SmackDown. At one point, I Googled “Alexa Bliss Canadian.” Nope, she’s American. The question is does the Air Canada Centre know that?

 Naomi was counted out and, as I presumed during last night’s NXT Takeover: Toronto broadcast, these fans were very excited to say “10″ ten times. It was easily the most over elimination of this match.

“Sharpshooter at Survivor Series!” said Mauro Ranallo at one point. Subtlety has never been WWE’s strong suit.

Nia Jax looked like an absolute monster until she inexplicably tapped out to a halfhearted Dis-arm-her from Becky Lynch. Back to square one with her.