Yogi’s third eye: GPS system to monitor madrasas

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New Delhi, September 1: After the decision of Uttar Pradesh government’s August 15 diktat to celebrate Independence Day in madrasas, the state government issued new guidelines for all the madrasas to keep an eye on fraud students and the corruption taking place within the institutions.

The Uttar Pradesh government asked for bank accounts and the Aadhaar card details of all the employees, classroom maps and pictures of the madrasas. The Global Positioning System would be used by the Uttar Pradesh government in order to keep an eye on madrasas. The madrasas have been asked to use the GPS system and then update the details on the madrasa portals.

On August 15th, a circular was issued by the government to around 8,000 madrasas in the state to not only ensure that Independence Day is marked in their establishments, but also to assure about the video proof of the Independence Day celebrations. Although the Muslim leaders disapproved the order, the government claimed that the move would only document best programmes held in madrasas on Independence Day.