You can share High Resolution Pictures through WhatsApp now

WhatsApp the messaging app from Facebook updates their features every time to boost up the user experience and make the app an odd one.

This time, the update for WhatsApp brings certain features that change the way you use the app. The highlight of the update has to be the enhanced file sharing feature.

The 180 Billion users worldwide WhatsApp now lets its users share any kind of file on the platform. Earlier, it was just limited to file formats that the mobile platform can understand, with exception of third-party apps. The update limits the file size sharing up to 100MB, which is more than enough for sharing large documents on the go.

As part of the update, WhatsApp now also arranges photos in a gallery if the user is sending more than five photos at once, thus making the chat window look a lot cleaner. The thumbnail will show only three photos along with the number of total photos to the side.

Till now, sharing a photograph on WhatsApp degraded its quality for the receiver. With this update, WhatsApp will now send photos in their original picture resolution to aid better sharing.

The update is rolling out to both Android and iOS users. If you haven’t got the update yet, check in your updates section of the Google PlayStore or App Store.