You can stay in Jail as a tourist for Rs 500 now

You can stay in Jail as a tourist for Rs 500 now.

Hyderabad, January 29: What do you need to do if you want to stay in prison-You need to commit a crime, get caught by the police and then the court has to send you to jail. Not everyone gets a chance to stay in jail, luckily so, but many of us are curious to know what goes behind those impregnable walls and to experience the penitentiary.

Well, if you wish to spend some time behind the bars, the Hyderabad Police have heard your prayers. The Sangareddy prison in Hyderabad lets people to stay in jail as a tourist at a tariff of 500 per day.

Sangareddy Prison

The place is not a make believe set, it is an actual, former prison with prison guards and stringent jail rules. You enter the prison premises renouncing your freedom and once the doors are shut behind, you will be stripped of your worldly belongings one by one: the pen, the wrist watch, wallet, mobile phone and everything else. Quintessential jail uniform- coarse khaki white dress with blue stripes will be handed over to the occupants to wear. The inmates are ushered to a dark cell, which makes a perfect setting for contemplation of sins.

A tourist at Sangareddy Prison

You can consider becoming a ‘Jail Tourist’ when you are bored with beautiful sceneries, adventure activities, and picturesque locations.

Incidentally, 47 people have experienced the ‘Feel The Jail’ program to date and the last visitors were from Kualalampur, Malaysia.

Malaysian nationals Ng Inn Wo and Ong Boon Tek at Sangareddy Prison

The Old District Central Jail of Sangareddy is located 60 kilometres away from Hyderabad, in Medak district, Telangana. The 220-old-edifice was no longer used as a prison in the last few years; it was later converted into a museum considering its history and architecture. The museum, although, failed to attract any visitors. The jail became popular when the Hyderabad police announced their plan to convert it into a ‘Tourist Jail’.

How it feels to spend a day in this 220-year-old Telangana jail