New findings: Binge-watching leads to poor sleep quality,

Binge-watching leads to poor sleep quality,

Washington,August 15: According to a recent study,reveals that the Binge-watching may be fun, but it comes at a price,

The study, which is the first to link binge-watching in young adults with poorer sleep quality,  fatigue and increased insomnia were increased, suggested that the mechanism explaining this relationship is increased cognitive alertness resulting from binge-watching.

According to the reports show that more than 80 percent of young adults identified themselves as a binge-watcher, with 20.2 percent of them binge-watching at least a few times a week in the previous month.

Those who identified as a binge-watcher reported more fatigue, more symptoms of insomnia, poorer sleep quality and greater alertness prior to going to sleep.

Approximately 98 percent higher likelihood that compared with those who did not consider themselves to be a binge-watcher that may leads to lack of sleep.

The Research study involved approximately  423 young adults who were 18 to 25 years old, with an average age of 22 years. Sixty-two percent of participants were women and 74 percent were students.

They completed an online survey assessing regular television viewing, binge-watching, sleep quality, fatigue, insomnia, and pre-sleep alertness.