You surely have love-hate relation with turbulent reign of Arnab Goswami

New Delhi, Nov 2: He twists and turns his head vigorously when a question is met with a negative reply. He demands answers, insisting that India needs to know the truth. He stops a guest from making a point to share his own thoughts before allowing the show to continue. He dislikes separatists, child molesters, racist articles in foreign newspapers, and Pakistan. The projection Arnab Goswami makes each night at nine is of a patriot with widely shared beliefs.

“If there is an obvious case of right or wrong, I can’t pretend not to know what is right and what is not. And if in that situation, I prevaricate or chose to be silent, then that is wrong,” Goswami said in a 2009 interview with “I am sure in what we do and my viewers are sure that Times Now will not deliberately keep the truth away from them.” His vocal stances and noisily interrogative approach have made Goswami an exception among Bennett, Coleman’s current editors, who are largely anonymous.

Indian News Media has heard of many resignations of icons earlier.  But none has made headlines to an extent as Arnab Goswami’s resignation from Times Now has made.

Arnab is the man who changed the definition of newsroom debates. He placed himself as a ‘nationalist’ media-man and the destroyer of ‘anti-nationals’ of the society. The high-decibel primetime show has powered Times Now to a leading players to its English News Channel players.

The coverage that afternoon was a typical Times Now production, designed not just to attract viewers, but to mesmerise them with an array of visual effects and excited voices. Two of the channel’s rivals, NDTV 24X7 and CNN-IBN, were far less energetic: Times Now jumped between five cameras trained on the flames while workers in the building hung on for their lives; the NDTV screen, a placid white in comparison, stayed fixed to a talkative survivor for 45 minutes, rarely returning to the fire itself, while on CNN-IBN a single reporter patiently tried to assemble the details of the fire.

Goswami was himself in the news recently when the Narendra Modi government provided him with Y-category’ security after he received threats from Pakistan based terror outfits.

What Next?

According to ‘The Quint’ Arnab is in discussions for setting up a new television and digital news venture for past six months.  “Independent media is going to thrive,”Goswami said while hinting at his future plans. Goswami said that he would not be quitting television media or the news industry adding, “The game has just begun” during a video conference with his colleagues.

The Quint also reported that it was also indicated that at least a handful of Times Now employees will move to the new project along with him. In Arnab’s words, the new project will be a “formidable competition to BBC and CNN.”

There have been speculations that he is associating with politician and entrepreneur Rajeev Chandrasekhar and US media baron Rupert Mardoch for launching a new venture.

The Nation reacts on Twitter

People took the social media platforms for expressing their views on resignation.