Young couple Having sex in car died at Russia because of carbon monoxide poisoning

Moscow, Nov 11: Having sex at different places can be an exciting fantasy for many and automobiles are often preferred by couples who like to go adventurous. But while such fetishes can seem appealing, there are few technical aspects people don’t take into consideration, and that can easily cause things to go terribly wrong.

In a tragic incident, a couple in Russia went out for a walk in the freezing temperature and decided to make out in a car the boy was renovating. Artem S and Anna D turned on the ignition in order to keep warm through the heater, and that move proved to be fatal.

Turning on the ignition in the car in the garage caused carbon monoxide to fill the car as Artem’s family were later horrified to find the couple dead in each other’s arms in the car.

The shocking incident caused a stir on the internet as many mentioned that such incidents have often been reported.

Russian media reportedly identified the couple as 18-year-old Artem S. and 20-year-old Anna D. from Ufa, in southern central Russia. Police said they believed the pair wanted to turn the heat on as temperatures dipped below freezing.

Family members said Artem and Anna claimed they were going out for a walk — but wound up in his old Skoda Felicia, a Czech supermini car.

The two had been dating for just a few months, and Artem hadn’t even introduced Anna to his circle of friends, the Daily Star added.