Environmental Volunteerism | Young ‘Majid Squad’ volunteers for a cleaner Amarnath Yatra

Majidi squad is not the so-called ‘secular Kashmiri face’, ‘it’s not the ‘Muslim boys who clean Hindu pilgrimage centre route’. They are some enthusiastic trekkers who loves nature and environment. Majidi who first spotted the waste disposal on the way of Amarnath cave then had a chat with his friends Arif Wani and Sameer Wani and then they formed the team and started their selfless work. Majidi squad maybe not on the awardee list of Swach Bharat Abhiyan, but the Karma they are pursuing without any self-centric projections getting support from the common people.

According to Majidhi,

“Being a regular trekker through the Amarnath Yatra route,” Arif says, “it left me embarrassed whenever any foreign tourists would enquire about the filthy routes passing through the picturesque mountains.” and
“Initially it felt like cleaning the filth and dirt of others. But for the sake of our homeland, we had to run this campaign.”

They reportedly said that when they started the work and became the talk of the town, Chief Executive Officer of Pahalgam Development Authority (PDA). The CEO Mushtaq Simnani called these boys to his office one day to give them certificates, they refused that. Simnani wanted to present us as his own group,” Majid says. “He provided us certificates under Swach Bharat Abhiyan campaign, which we refused. It was an attempt to hijack our welfare work for his own motives.”

After Arif and Sameer, some other 15 local boys—below 25 years of age—became a part of the cleanliness drive. Majidhi started a social media campaign about the mission and more students came into the group via that communication.

We’ll continue this campaign in the future, but the government must act at the same time,” Majid says. “The authorities should remain prepared before Amarnath Yatra begins every year. Otherwise, this destruction will lead to the collapse of these immaculate green areas one day.”