Young woman takes to streets with ‘Husband wanted’ sign after partner’s family deserted her

After being deserted from her her husband and in laws, a woman is looking for a ‘husband’ on the streets of Jinan, while standing in her wedding dress. Actually, the 28-years-old Shandong Ding Zhen was abandoned by her family after knowing that she is being troubled from cancer.

Zhen says, her her partner and his family has left her following her sickness as the leukaemia treatment was quite expensive. Seeing no option left with her, the woman is asking help desperately on the streets with holding a signboard of ‘husband wanted’ in a bid to grab attention of people.

Her conditions is quite miserable since her husband’s family has also taken away her son from her. A heart breaking video is being shared on the video sharing site YouTube wherein Zhen can been seen in her wedding dress on the roads of Jinan.


Zhen needs to go through a bone narrow transplant for the treatment, thus, she chose this unique option to fight back her sickness as she can’t afford the treatment. Zhen also reveals that that her husband tried to divorce her many times for the same reason.

“After I got sick, my husband did not give a penny to help treat me. My husband’s family took the only remaining 15,500 yuan (AUD$3200) life-saving money to escape his family, disappeared, also my one-year-old son away. All I want to do is approach the biological father. husband rule I still think this is a huge burden of disease in order to evade his responsibility. My husband also went to court three times filed for divorce, but never succeeded,” she told The Daily Mail.

Currently, Zhen is living with her aged parent and is going through a hard time as they does not earn much. In the video clip that is going viral these days, Zhen can be seen crying and holding her son’s photo as he is her only hope of her life.

“I do not know the whereabouts of relatives and friends, so I was forced to wear my wedding dress and hold “husband wanted” ‘signs and leaflets in the streets. I hope in this way I’ll be able to see my son again,” she said