YouTube reprimands vlogger Logan Paul for filming dead body

YouTube reprimands vlogger Logan Paul for filming dead body

California, January 10: Logan Paul, a famous YouTube personality was at the receiving end of Netizens’ ire when he posted a video of a dead body. Logan was touring in Japan when he recorded the video; he came across the dead body in Japan’s Aokigahara forest popularly known as the suicide forest. The video which was uploaded on 31st December drew severe criticism and swift backlash.

Though the face of the dead body was blurred, the video disturbed many. Logan Paul later deleted the video from channel his channel and issued apologies but the post was viewed by millions by then.

YouTube condemned the incident by posting a series of Tweets. The website assured the members of the online-streaming platform that it is investigating the matter. YouTube also announced that the policies of the website would be tightened in the near future to avoid such incidents and also apologized for not acting immediately.

Logan Paul is an American actor and vlogger; he joined YouTube in 2015 and within 2 years he garnered over 15 million subscribers.